Hey, my name is Chris Francis and I am a cinematographer in San Diego.

I specialize in organic, hand-held camera work, smooth gimbal operation, and naturalistic lighting for commercials, branded content, and documentaries.

I'm very easy to get along with (shouts to being a middle child!) I'm here to serve you and your vision and will work thoughtfully to capture what you need in a way that will set your editor up for success. 

I'm well connected in San Diego and Iā€™m happy to help you assemble the rest of your crew and/or gear rentals if you're coming from out of town. 

I have Canon C200 & C200B camera packages with an EasyRig for hand-held work and a Ronin for gimbal work. I can shoot 4K raw or compressed UHD and always come with my laptop and card readers to transfer and backup footage for you. 

I am available for hire as a director of photography and/or producer.  

I value authentic stories, collaboration, quality over quantity, the process being just as important as the final product, and moderately long walks on the beach.

If you're into the same kind of stuff, there's a good chance that we'd work well together.  If you'd like to explore that possibility click here to send me a message.